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Letters to the Editor


Boundary shuffling harms county pupils

As residents of the Wheatfield neighborhood, we are disturbed by the growing trend used to solve the overcrowding of our schools. The Board of Education shuffles our children wherever they need extra "bodies." Currently, the School Boundary Line Committee is working on maps to redistrict our elementary and middle schools, and the Wheatfield community is being tossed about with no consideration of the negative effect on our children. The children of Wheatfield are being isolated from their northeast community and being bused to a different region.

We have grown tired of comments that the northeast is overcrowded and that we need to separate Wheatfield's children from their community to fix the problem. Our children go to school together, play sports together, clean up the community together and fight for the community together. Those who play together should stay together. Wheatfield is a very significant part of the Route 103 community and Wheatfield's children need to stay with the community with whom they interact with on a daily basis inside and outside of school.

Cathi Higgins

Ellicott City

The writer is president of the Wheatfield Homeowners Association executive board. The letter was also signed by the other members of the executive board.

Golf course needs good management

Lowell Sunderland's column ("Hobbit's Glen message is straightforward," Sept. 1) implies that the Hobbit's Glen Ad Hoc Committee agrees that the [golf] course should be closed and rebuilt. This is not the wish of the Committee. The Committee has two goals in mind - to assure responsive and respectful treatment of golf members by CA management and to finally get proper upkeep of the golf course. The Committee does not agree with the CA's appointed advisory committees, which assume that CA has to spend a huge amount of money to rebuild the greens at the golf course. The course can be brought into a playable condition without closing and rebuilding it. This is evidenced by the excellent conditions of the greens a few years ago when the course was maintained with professional oversight by the Senior PGA State Farm Classic. The problem at the Hobbit's Glen course is obviously not due to alleged deficiencies in the original construction of the greens, but to a serious lack of good management at CA.

Don Wheeler


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