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'Blade II'

PG-13 115 minutes * *

Blade II (New Line, 2002) is so witless it wins most of its laughs from having Czech characters spout obscenities that get translated into English subtitles. How do you say "bomb" in Czech? The sequel to the 1998 horror hit once again stars Wesley Snipes in action-figure mode as the half-man, half-vampire from the Marvel comic book. In this chapter of his saga, he joins forces with his enemies from the Vampire Nation to vanquish the Reapers, extra-super blood-suckers who feed on humans and vampires alike. The actors are all primed for combat, but Tae-Bo commercials deliver more visceral thrills. The director, Guillermo del Toro, shoots the battles in dark light and dank quarters and obscures them further with quick and fancy cutting that might have been done with a computerized Swiss Army knife. Basically, the sequel replays the original with even more gore and even less coherence.

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