Non-golfers subsidize Hobbit's Glen course[In the article]...


Non-golfers subsidize Hobbit's Glen course

[In the article] "Golfers grouse about Hobbit's Glen" (Aug. 25), Walter Morgan headed up a group of dissatisfied golfers to meet with the two top officers of the Columbia Association. In the article Morgan said, "We have a right to express opinions on the conditions. ... After all, we're paying the freight."

That's not true. There are thousands of non-golfers "paying the freight" for you crybabies. The Columbia golf courses are perennial moneylosers. The real protestors should be the people who do not use the golf courses, but are assessed to subsidize the Morgan group.

I believe all "Sports Facilities" should be self-sustaining, by those who use them or be shut down. Remember the other crybabies who didn't want to furnish their own towels? Who subsidizes them? This is white collar welfare.

I recommend that Morgan assemble all the golfers at Hobbit's Glen for the sole purpose of pooling their money to buy the golf course from the CA. Then it will be a First Class golf course and they can get back the PGA.

Further, I recommend that the thousands of people in Columbia, who are not golfers, meet with the two top Officers of the CA to protest the fact that we are subsidizing a group of people who portray themselves as a privileged class, who want more, more, more. After all, we have a right to express opinions - aren't we "paying the freight"?

Fred Petrogallo


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