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Legislative districts


Today, The Sun continues its Sept. 10 primary endorsements today with a look at legislative races in districts 5B, 7, 10, 11, 12A and 42.

IN NORTHERN Baltimore County, the district lines may change but the issues are always pretty much the same.

Every candidate wants good schools, less congestion and sensible development.

District 42: In this three-member district, which includes Towson, the Democrats have several strong candidates running. James W. Campbell, who moved to the county from the city so he could stay in a district he has represented since 1978, points out that he can offer continuity on a slate that has otherwise seen considerable turnover. He can offer more than that - a record as a sensible and effective delegate. Two other candidates who merit endorsement are Edwin S. Crawford, a former member of the Board of Regents who now heads the Maryland Prepaid College Trust, and Stephen W. Lafferty, who has long been active in community affairs.

On the Republican side, the outstanding candidate is John J. Bishop, a former member of the House of Delegates. GOP voters should also choose Emil B. Pielke, who was appointed as a delegate in January to fill a vacancy, and Susan L.M. Aumann, who has been active in Rep. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s campaigns.

State Senate nominations are uncontested in both parties' primaries.

District 5B: In this single-member district, farther north, where preserving open space is an important issue, newcomer Leslie Sipes is easily the most attractive Republican candidate. She has broad experience in state government, including 10 years with the Department of the Environment. She would be a decided improvement over the incumbent, A. Wade Kach. Stephen C. Kirsch, a lawyer who has run before, deserves the Democratic nod.

District 10: On the west side of Baltimore County, the issues are much the same, except that community safety and crime are also concerns.

Sen. Delores G. Kelley, who is running unopposed, has split with her one-time ally, Del. Emmett C. Burns, who has been given to intemperate remarks, especially concerning gays and lesbians. She is running on a ticket with incumbents Adrienne Jones and Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, and newcomer N. Scott Phillips, a lawyer. All merit the votes of Democrats.

The Republican seats are uncontested.

District 11: Democrats would do well to vote again for Dan K. Morhaim, a physician who is particularly strong on health issues. Del. Bobby A. Zirkin, seeking his second term, has grown in the job and warrants a vote. Jon Cardin, the nephew of Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, has an impressive group of backers, but Dana Stein, who was appointed to the House of Delegates earlier this year to fill a vacancy, has a more impressive background. He's a co-founder of Civic Works, a youth service corps in Baltimore, and would be an asset to the district in Annapolis.

State Sen. Paula Colodny Hollinger is an easy choice for renomination by the district's Democrats.

Among Republicans there are no contested seats.

District 12A: In this two-member district, the Republican nominations are uncontested. Among Democrats, incumbent James E. Malone Jr., a firefighter, and Steven J. Deboy Sr., a Baltimore County police officer, are the best bets.

District 7: The Sun reported incorrectly on Friday that there is no Republican primary for House of Delegates in the 7th Legislative District in Baltimore and Harford counties. In fact, there are eight candidates for the three seats.

We endorse J.B. Jennings, a businessman and member of the Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company. His balanced view of how to manage suburban development pressures suggests he will be a thoughtful legislator. The Sun also favors Dilip B. Paliath, an assistant state's attorney in Baltimore County. His experience will make him a valuable participant in the state's effort to improve the criminal justice system.

Sheryl L. Davis-Kohl also merits endorsement. She's an active community volunteer who would bring the perspective of small business owners to government policymaking. She would work to reduce licensing requirements and to reduce burdensome fees and taxes.


The Sun continues its Sept. 10 primary endorsements with legislative races in districts 9A, 12B and 13.

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