@SUBHEDP-Touch 2300 makes label-making easy with or without PC


Some things can get more complicated than they need to be. Take creating labels on your computer for your kid's lunchbox, your business records, or captions in a photo album. You need the right paper and the know-how to manipulate your computer's word processing program for the proper results.

But Brother's P-Touch 2300 ($100), one in the company's series of label makers, creates hassle-free labels with or without a computer.

The P-Touch 2300 looks like a fat adding machine with a liquid crystal display to show what you're typing on its miniature QWERTY keyboard.

You have a choice of four fonts, eight letter sizes and eight styles (italic, bold, boxed, etc.), which can be printed on a variety of TZ series labeling tapes.

Laminated white tape is included, but you can buy iron-on transfer, fabric, metallic and other tape cartridges in sizes from a quarter-inch to 1 inch wide.

Eight AA batteries are included; an AC adaptor is optional.

If you hate the tiny keyboard like I did and don't mind a small challenge, you can hook up the P-Touch 2300 to your computer with a Universal Serial Bus cable. You'll need to install the P-Touch editor and drivers to get the device to print. But once you do, you'll be able to use any True Type fonts, as well as logos and other graphics stored on your computer.

In order to get those added features, you'll need a PC running Windows 98 or later, or Mac OS 8.6 or later (it is only compatible with Mac OS X Classic).

Information: (901) 379-1010 or www.brother.com.

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