Washington team name should go unnamedI have...


Washington team name should go unnamed

I have been reading the letters on The Sun's coverage or lack of coverage of the Washington football team.

I have lived in Maryland my entire life and as such I follow the Ravens and have always hated that Washington team.

But, as I am also realist, I realize the economics and that The Sun, to broaden its appeal and attract new people, probably will need to start covering Washington more.

However, I do hope that if or when doing so, The Sun does refrain from using the team name (racial slur) that is so honored by that Washington football team.

In all the coverage, hopefully The Sun will refer to the team as the Washington football team or some such derivative. The name is a national disgrace and for a team based in our nation's capital.

Sam Smith Pasadena

Byner is local hero in Cleveland, not here

The experience of going to games at Ravens Stadium is fantastic except for one thing - Earnest Byner's name in the ring of honor. What a joke. He is the football hero of another city who played here one year.

Nice guy? Absolutely! Great football player? Yes. But Baltimore's football hero?

I know Mr. Modell may feel he owes it to him, but if Art wants to show his appreciation to Byner, then he should buy him a beach house somewhere and arrange to have his name in Cleveland, where it belongs.

When a kid asks his dad at a game, "Who is that?" while pointing to a name in the Ring of Honor, the answer ought not be, "He was a star in Cleveland."

Michael Filippelli Parkville

Pastime strikes out with this baseball fan

I'm a working father, and I don't have very much extra money. However, it has been a pleasure to be able to get to an Orioles game with my boys every year.

Not this year. Why should I spend my hard-earned money to buy tickets, take my precious time to travel there, spend more hard-earned money to buy some outrageously priced food and drinks, to watch a team I love play ball while they are considering striking?

Baseball is a game that is every young boy's dream of playing. ... Now, to be able to make millions of dollars a year for playing baseball and then consider striking is crazy.

I'll keep reading about the Orioles on the Internet and I'll keep watching them on TV, but don't expect me to show up at Oriole Park anytime soon.

Mark Kearney Staunton, Va.

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