Profile: Cleo Lemon


Position: Quarterback

College: Arkansas State

Who he is: Lemon, who played in 42 games during his four years at Arkansas State, is the school's all-time passing leader with 7,706 yards. He also averaged the most yards per game in school history (178.3) and was the only one to pass for more than 400 yards in a game (403).

Favorite football moment: "Back in college, Homecoming '98: I was a sophomore. I had a pretty good game that game and we came back from like 30 points down and we pulled off a victory."

What he misses most from home: "I miss my family. I miss hanging around the house and talking to them. Playing golf with my dad, being on the computer with my mom, just talking and being around my sisters."

One thing you may not know about him: "I'm a hard worker. I get along with the guys very well. I'm a team player. I like to get in with the guys and joke around and have a lot of fun - but at the same time, do what's expected of you and work hard."

Ravens mentor: "I'd have to say Jeff Blake. He's been teaching me a lot and giving me tips on the quarterback position."

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