No bobbling online sales of chatty Chucks


We're not sure about Miss Agnes, but eBay-ers certainly went to war yesterday. Their objective: the Chuck Thompson bobbleheads that were given away at Wednesday night's Orioles game.

By yesterday afternoon, sellers offering the plastic likenesses of the Hall-of-Fame broadcaster were fetching upward of $40 for the figurines. An auction that closed at 2:08 p.m. realized $49 - considerably better than bobbers for Sidney Ponson ($13), Jerry Hairston ($14) and Jay Gibbons ($33) that closed over the past few days (those dolls were handed out earlier this season).

Of course, the Thompson bobbers had the added bonus of talking, spouting such vintage Chuckisms as "Go to war, Miss Agnes!" and "Ain't the beer cold!" But then, Thompson was an Orioles mainstay long before those other guys were even born.

Why, it's almost enough to make fame go to your head, even if it is oversized and mounted on a spring.

Thompson, however, remains as modest as ever. "It's just one of those things that some part of the public just takes a good look at and says, 'Hey, that's neat,'" he says. "I'm about as ugly as that thing, that's for sure."

But here's a twist: Although the 25,000 bobbleheads available Wednesday were all handed out, the Orioles have plenty more at their Camden Yards store, available for $18.

Maybe word of that fact already is getting out: a Thompson bobblehead on eBay that closed at 6 p.m. went for only $33. That's still better than two Jerry Hairstons and puts Chuck right up there with Jay Gibbons in the bobblehead pantheon of value.

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