Leasing space not too pricey a proposition


Finding a home on the Internet for your Web site can be relatively cheap thanks to the dot-com bust.

Three years ago, a Web address with 100 megabytes of storage could cost $240 or more annually. Today, $100 a year will buy an address with up to 250 megabytes (most of which users never fill).

Hundreds of companies such as FatCow, Feature Price and PowWeb offer Web hosting packages that include multiple e-mail accounts.

By purchasing your own space, you won't have to put up with the banner advertising that is the hallmark of free Web site hosting plans like those offered by Yahoo! GeoCities and Lycos' Tripod and Angelfire.

When you sign up with a host, the company will register the domain that you choose (as long as it isn't being used by someone else), store your files on its servers for viewing on the Internet and provide technical support for advanced features such as e-commerce.

INT Media Group offers a list of Web hosts online at www.webhost.thelist.com. The site allows you to select criteria for the site you want to create, then lists the hosts that meet your criteria in alphabetical order.

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