Puppets act out the fairy tales


They may be made of felt and fur and paper, but the Kaydee Puppets' rabbits, hedgehogs, wolves and little girl in a red riding hood will be the storytellers in a program Saturday at the White Marsh Branch Library, while puppeteers Dee and Chuck Cardiff stay behind the scenes, literally.

The couple will work from behind a stage and use the hand puppets to involve the audience throughout the 30-minute event.

"We stick mostly to fairy tales," says Dee, but they also update parts of the stories and throw in some current humor to keep it fun.

The Kaydee Puppets will perform Little Red Riding Hood and Bunny Tales, including a story about Peter Rabbit and a hedgehog race and a story about how Peter outsmarted a fox and a wolf.

The Cardiffs are based in Fairfax, Va., and bring children's stories to life at events from Richmond to Baltimore. Dee started the puppet company in 1972 with her sister, Kay.

The library show begins at 2 p.m., at 8133 Sandpiper Circle, White Marsh. Children under 6 should be accompanied by an adult. Free tickets may be obtained at the library or by calling 410-887-5097.

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