Waterfront no place for public housingHow ridiculous...


Waterfront no place for public housing

How ridiculous that the state is going to relocate some Annapolis public housing residents to a prized waterfront location ("A better view for public housing," April 8). Is Maryland's economic outlook so rosy that we can afford to throw away millions of dollars worth of real estate? The land should be sold to developers and the money used to offset our ridiculously high taxes and the apparent shortfall in funding for some programs touted as necessary by this newspaper.

Perhaps Head Start could use an infusion of state money, or maybe it should be allocated to community organizations that always seem to know where the need truly is.

One thing is for certain: There is absolutely no reason that public housing residents should reside in a prized waterfront location while thousands of hard-working, middle-class families foot the tab. Families that, ironically, could never afford to move their own home to such a prestigious location. The message sent to our children seems to be that some people will always be able to circumvent the process, skating through life on the backs of the middle class. Public housing is a privilege, not a right, and the recipients of such housing should be grateful for what they receive. They should never, under any circumstances, be relocated to homes in upper-class or wealthy neighborhoods while the people paying for those homes are living in substandard or middle-class houses.

Michael DeCicco


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