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Head of city parking agency resigns after year on the job


John Carroll Weiss III, who oversaw the creation of Baltimore's Parking Authority, resigned yesterday after a year in his city job.

Weiss, 53, a venture capitalist, will stay in the post until June 30. He is the first director of the agency, which was created in January last year. Parking Authority board members say they hope he will help choose his successor.

Weiss, whose salary is $100,000 a year, said he was hired to get the new agency operating. There was always an understanding, he said, that someone else would be brought in to oversee the operation long-term.

"This was the deal. They really wanted to have a parking professional or an industry professional in there," Weiss said.

Members of the authority's board of directors praised Weiss yesterday, saying his business sense played a vital role in shaping the agency.

Weiss is a former president of Chesapeake Biological Laboratories Inc., a Baltimore pharmaceutical company. He also created several venture capital funds.

"We've had a gift from J.C. to get us up and running," said David W. Wallace, chairman of the authority's board.

In his year in the job, Weiss has worked to create a centralized agency to deal with the often heated issues of city parking. The agency oversees 15 city garages, 23 parking lots, 9,500 meters and thousands of residential parking permits.

He spearheaded the push for a new parking tax - collected by garages and lots and paid to the city - that initially faced stiff opposition from businesses. Parking Authority board members said the tax helps give the city the financial tools to better manage the garages.

Weiss said he increased parking revenue by $1.8 million by handling the agency "like a business."

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