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Number of classes a day affects athletes'...


Number of classes a day affects athletes' GPA

Regarding [the article] "5 on Severna Park boys basketball on academic probation" (Feb. 15).

It's tough to see that many kids ineligible. What might be more of a story is how a four-period day in school versus a seven-period day affects the grade-point average of student athletes. Think about it. You have to worry about keeping two major subjects up and the other two are electives - art, gym [or] music. So what percentage of athletes become ineligible with four classes a day versus a seven-period day? Not to make any excuses, but there is more to the story than meets the eye. It should not be hard for any student to hold a 2.0 GPA. The seven-period day is a little tougher that a four-period.

Earl Hadaway


More than politics involved in redistricting

I have been reading the Sun articles on redistricting in Maryland. Although politics and proximity to Baltimore City are playing a key part in the redrawing of election districts for the House of Representatives, there is another factor that may be at play. It's quite interesting that Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties have each [been described as], as one of your articles says, "like a piece of pie." It's also of note that neither county is friendly to the existence of municipalities. In fact, Baltimore County has none. Therefore, there is little legal definition of local communities as such, other than development names or areas on the state map. Cockeysville and Dundalk are indeed only some of those "areas" on the map. No towns/local jurisdictions are being carved up in either county. So, despite the age or closeness of a neighborhood, it's tougher to legally complain.

Richard Padgett


Is it any wonder Bush is source of worry?

George Bush recently gazed across the border from South Korea to North Korea, and he could see where two American soldiers were killed. He commented, "Is it any wonder I think they're evil?"

I share the President's wonder. I recently gazed across the border from New Mexico to Texas. I could see the dusty road where James Byrd was dragged to his death. Is it any wonder I think they're evil? I recently gazed across the border from Arkansas to Texas. I could see the house where Andrea Yates killed her five children. Is it any wonder I think they're evil? I recently gazed across the border from Louisiana to Texas. I could see the huge towers where Ken Lay and Jeffrey Fastow stole $1.2 billion. Is it any wonder I think they're evil?

George Bush's saber-rattling foreign policy approach and childlike rhetoric scares me far more than any threat from terrorists. He speaks of "sunshine policies" while hiding documents from Congress. He tells North Korea they spend too much on their military while their people starve. At home, Bush requests billions more for the military while some of our people starve.

Meanwhile he uses the "war" on terror (I sure hope he prosecutes those abortion-clinic-bombing terrorists as well) for his political purposes, evidenced by his fund raising at a troop rally in Alaska. He may not have started the war, but he sure has embraced it. Is it any wonder I think he is evil?

R. Craig Hayward


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