Metal protective case includes service for getting...


Metal protective case includes service for getting back lost PDA

Personal digital assistants tend to be made tough to knock around in a briefcase or pocketbook. But if you want more protection from scratches and such than soft cloth or leather cases provide, you'll want the Kensington Technology Group PDA Protector ($30).

The PDA Protector comes in two versions. One will fit the Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum and Visor Pro Visor Neo. The second fits the Palm V, m500 and m505.

Made of metal with a felt lining, the Protector comes in platinum and silver or blue-ice and silver for the Palm devices. The Handspring version comes in graphite and silver. Your PDA fits snuggly inside.

A label for the StuffBak Lost & Found Service is included with the package. To use the service, which tracks down and sends electronic equipment back if it's lost, place the label with a serial number and telephone number to StuffBak on the PDA, then activate the label by going to or calling 800-800-8257.

Once your PDA is found, the finder can either call the number on the label or drop it off at any of Stuffbak's shipping partners. You pay a $14.95 handling fee and shipping costs to get it back.

Information: 650-572-2700 or

- Kevin Washington

MP3 Editor mixes music, creates e-mail attachments

Data Becker Corp.'s MP3 Editor arrives just as millions of Windows computer users are delving heavily into collecting MP3 music files and using their computers to record audio files for attachments as e-mail to friends and relatives.

This is $20 well spent if you're in a garage band and want to mix and match tracks you've laid down for your latest song. Likewise, if you want to create a voice e-mail attachment, MP3 Editor is just the tool.

Also, Web developers can generate sound effects to activate by clicking.

The software will load just about any size MP3 file and displays the file graphically, showing the wave form of the actual recording so that silences are shown as valleys and sound is displayed as peaks - the louder the sound, the higher the peak.

You edit by selecting parts of the readout display and dragging the mouse to highlight it. Once segments are selected, they can be cut or copied and then pasted elsewhere.

Perhaps the most significant application of MP3 Editor is to clean up MP3 files that you download from the Internet. As files get swapped back and forth over the Web, they can develop abrupt cuts and distorted portions. With features like fade in and fade out, along with cutting and pasting, the software lets one patch these damaged files quite nicely.

Information: 617-614-0600 or

- James Coates/KRT

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