Wake up the gray cells -- here's one for the coloring books


Accent colors

If Crayola wants to give its new Charm City colors a literal Baltimore accent, how about:

Kitchen Zinc

Far Engine Red

Ayshun Blue

Tan Yer Hide

Payment Beige

Omost White

Coral Your Mother

Arnj, like 'em O's -- Norine Schiller

The makers of Crayola crayons announced this past week that the world's first crayon-themed store is coming to the Baltimore area this summer: a 20,000-square-foot interactive studio and retail store at Arundel Mills mall.

For crayon lovers, that news is exciting enough, perhaps. But wait - there's more.

To promote the store's opening, Binney & Smith, maker of Crayola products, is seeking suggestions for 16 new crayon hues to be included in limited-edition, eight-crayon boxes called the "Colors of Baltimore Box" and the "Colors of D.C. Collection." Ideas for new colors, the crayon people say, should be "based on the colorful people, places and things in and around the beltway." (Color us a bit jaundiced: We'll guess they didn't know each city has its own beltway.)

To help get this pigment parade started, The Sun's features staff offers these suggestions. Some may stray a little outside the lines of what Crayola is after, but we think they reflect our respective towns' true colors.

Baltimore colors:

O'Malley Green: The color of money - going to the mayor instead of the lieutenant governor.

Patapsco Brown: The hue of our lovely harbor water.

Old Bay Orange: A crab lover's delight; make this one scented.

Pink Flamingo: A truly Divine (if occasionally tasteless) shade.

Highlandtown Blonde: A little darker at the root.

Stieff Silver: Now found only in museums and antique shops.

Marble Step White: Takes a little elbow grease to achieve.

Memorial Stadium Brick: Certainly longer-lasting than PSINet Purple.

Washington colors:

Enron Green: Once popular for lining pockets of Congress members.

Enron Red: New color of financial statements, executives' faces.

George Bush Black & Blue: Bruising shade from a wrestling match with a pretzel.

Dick Cheney Gray: For coloring those hard-to-find spots.

Bollard Black: A depressing but secure landscape accent.

Deficit Deep Crimson: A vintage color from the Reagan administration.

Orioles Orange: What D.C. baseball fans will be wearing for at least another year.

Spurrier Scarlet & Gold: Only available with Snyder Long Green.

Crayola's Baltimore-Washington colors contest is taking place online at www.Crayolaworks.com. Color choices and name suggestions can be submitted through April 15. More details are available on the site.

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