Easily transfer Mini Disc tracks to your PCs


I record oral histories on mini discs, and now need to get those interviews onto my computer. I have a USB link for my Sony Mini Disc that allows me to download from the computer, but it doesn't say how to load them to it.

MusicMatch (www.musicmatch.com), which competes against Real Networks and Microsoft's Media Player as a music player and CD burner, boasts a well-documented feature that walks users through the process of using the Line-In port on a computer sound card to record music from a turntable or external CD player as MP3 files.

Once you download the free MusicMatch, go to the Help section and type in the key word "recording" to get instructions about how to transfer your raw recordings to your hard drive as MP3s.

Data Becker's MP3 Editor software ($20 at www.databecker .com) will let you trim those files as desired and change their order - a fine tool for aspiring moviemakers as well as recording artists and oral historians.

Then you can burn the files to CD-R or download them to your Mini Disc recorder.

James Coates writes for the Chicago Tribune, a Tribune Publishing newspaper. He can be reached via e-mail at jcoates@ tribune.com.

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