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Pacifico, 17, works hard, gets results


The student: David Pacifico, 17

School: Atholton High

Special achievement: David has maintained a 4.0 grade point average since kindergarten and is representing his school in the national Herff Jones Principal's Leadership Award competition. A math whiz, David is scheduled to spend his second summer as an intern at the National Security Agency. He is the principal's aide at Atholton High and programs the school's Web page.

Why does he work so hard? Personal drive. "I know that I have to achieve at a certain level ... in order to be happy with myself," David says. "Slacking off and not performing to the best of my ability don't work for me."

His ultimate goal: To create an impressive college resume. "My parents don't even put any pressure on me. They wouldn't care if I got a 3.0. I'm just really self-motivated because I know that if I can do it and I don't, it's just cheating myself."

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