Harbor Hospital


A rowdy roundup was staged at La Fontaine Bleu as 1,050 cowgirls and cowpokes packed the place for Harbor Hospital's "Harbor Daze" celebration. Since the theme for this year's jamboree was "Our Country Style," many folks donned western duds in red, white and blue -- with stars and stripes a major motif. As a band played country-western tunes, hardy two-steppers snaked around other guests mingling on the dance floor. Another line -- this one for the Tex-Mex buffet -- formed out the back of the ballroom to a tent where vittles like pit beef and barbecue were being served.

In the lobby, some brave buckaroos tried their luck at the money wheel, while others took at turn at karaoke.

The evening's highlight still lay ahead when country music star Steve Holy would perform his Top 10 hit, "Good Morning Beautiful."

Spotted in the swirl of denim and cowboy hats: Rod Clark and Dr. Tammy Kile, event co-chairs; Betty Borcherding, Robert Bunker, James Christon, Mary Ellen Clisham, Mitzi Glick, Brian Gray, Dr. Riyaz Jinnah, Jon Kaplan, Phyllis Kolodner, Louise Miller, Dr. Tony Raneri and Carole Sibel, event committee members; Rick Obrecht, Harbor Hospital board chair; Dick Macgill, board member; L. Barney Johnson, Harbor Hospital president; Dave Havrilla, Harbor Hospital chief financial officer; Michael J. Foxx, WPOC-FM radio personality; Sedonia Martin, Towson University fine arts publicist; Joey Reed, Veterans Home Mortgage loan officer; Ernie Cruz, Cruz Electronics Corp. CEO; Leonard Addison, LA Engineering president; Marc Dubin, J. Brown Jewelers buyer; Michele Haughey, Sony Music manager; Henry George, Classic Masonry president; Randy Schaefer, Cienna Corp. production manager; Earl Robert Williams, Minkoff Co. carpenter; Tracy Besser, MedStar Health Web project manager; Charlotte Martin, District Photo accounting manager; and Florence Jordan, Tray Business Systems accounting manager.

The hoedown raised more than $62,000 for Harbor Hospital.

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