The 'other' indoor soccer


Indoor soccer, North American-style, is a relatively new game, with play adapted to relatively common hockey arenas. Although soccer was found indoors as early as the 1920s in the United States, the game as it is known today began in 1978 and has seen a number of pro leagues come and go. In so-called "human pinball," the ball can be played off the walls. But this is not the world's indoor game.

Futsal, the world's indoor game, is played on a flat court with no walls. The organized game started in 1930 in Uruguay- in YMCAs.

Though most widely popular in Brazil these days, futsal is found around the world. The earliest organized international play was in South America in 1965.

The first world championship was decided in Brazil in 1982, with the host nation the titlist.

The first international game played in the United States was in 1985, at Sonoma State College (Calif.). The U.S. team beat Australia, 9-5.

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