Edit cookie settings to fix error


Whenever I call up one particular Web address that I really want to use, I get the following message: "There is a problem setting cookies for your computer. Please insure that you are able to receive cookies. OK." Can you tell me how this can be fixed?

I checked out the Web address that you cited and had no problem, probably because I am foolish enough to use my browser with most of the built-in safeguards disabled.

These features include tools designed to protect against the so-called cookie files that many Web sites place on visitors' hard drives to control things such as password sign-ins and animations.

Click on Tools and Internet Options in the Browser, then click on the Privacy tab, where you will find a slider bar to increase or decrease cookie shields.

An "edit" choice will let you accept cookies from that particular site while keeping your other security settings intact.

James Coates writes for The Chicago Tribune, a Tribune Publishing newspaper. E-mail him at jcoates@tribune.com.

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