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Sun sets on Barbie, rises in the East


Ding-dong, the Barbie's dead. Well, not literally, but the idea that blue eyes and blond hair are the only measure of beauty has finally died a quiet little death. Women of all colors grace fashion magazines, television and the streets -- reveling in their individuality -- and style guides are finally starting to follow suit. A new book, Asian Beauty (Harper; $30) by celebrity makeup artist Margaret Kimura, focuses on enhancing the features particular to Asian women including how to make the most of full lips, curl stubbornly straight lashes, create definition on a rounder face and find the right foundation for warmer skin tones. -- T. B.

New models go through their paces

Next Friday, Marley Station Mall's "Model Teens" fashion board walks the walk during a Valentine's Day fashion show featuring gift ideas and spring looks. The high-school-age girls, chosen based on their grades, an application essay and interviews, spend their year-long tenure learning how to spruce up for almost any occasion and carry themselves with dignity -- oh, and how to model. Check out their new talents at the mall's center court Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. (410-760-8900). -- T. B.

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