Ambitious office project unveiled


Developers who plan to turn the concrete compound of the former David Taylor Research Center into a cluster of elegant executive office buildings presented a first glimpse at what the future holds for the Navy site near Annapolis at a meeting with an advisory committee last night.

Annapolis Partners, the development group planning to spend about $250 million to redevelop the former military base, offered details such as seven new buildings to be constructed, landscaping that will include planting about 600 trees, and - of critical interest to the community - 1,968 parking spaces.

The meeting followed by one day the release of a timeline for the project that sets final transfer of the property from the Navy to the developers by May.

The meeting of the David Taylor Reuse Advisory Committee was its first since August, and had been highly anticipated. It was the first time anyone other than select county officials was able to view architectural and landscape plans for the site.

A member of the development team, Ming Wu, a principal with Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects of New York City, told the committee that Annapolis Partners will demolish all but three of 80 existing buildings, most of which don't meet modern building codes.

The three buildings that will remain, including a historic warehouse, will be renovated slightly to fit the modern style of the new office complex, he said.

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