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Injury report


Today's games

Carolina at Miami

PANTHERS: Out: CB Deveron Harper (hamstring); OLB Kory Minor (knee); DE Jason Peter (neck). Questionable: OLB Dan Morgan (leg); MLB Dean Wells (calf). Probable: WR Donald Hayes (foot); WR-KR Steve Smith (knee).

DOLPHINS: Doubtful: WR Dedric Ward (foot). Questionable: CB Jamar Fletcher (ankle); FS Brock Marion (calf); OLB Twan Russell (quadriceps). Probable: OLB Scott Galyon (wrist); T Todd Wade (back); FS Shawn Wooden (wrist).

Cleveland at Chicago

BROWNS: Questionable: WR Jammi German (knee). Probable: DE Courtney Brown (knee); G Jeremy McKinney (elbow).

BEARS: Questionable: QB Jim Miller (hip); SS Larry Whigham (hamstring). Probable: FS Mike Brown (knee); RB Anthony Thomas (foot); G Rex Tucker (calf); QB Danny Wuerffel (neck).

Dallas at N.Y. Giants

COWBOYS: Out: Quincy Carter (hamstring); DE Ebenezer Ekuban (back); QB Anthony Wright (knee-injured reserve). Questionable: RB Emmitt Smith (knee); DE Peppi Zellner (groin). Probable: WR Joey Galloway (foot); WR-KR Reginald Swinton (hamstring).

GIANTS: Questionable: OLB Jessie Armstead (calf/hamstring). Probable: CB Will Allen (ankle); DT Keith Hamilton (shoulder); DT Lance Legree (chest).

Detroit at San Francisco

LIONS: Out: MLB Stephen Boyd (back). Doubtful: MLB Clint Kriewaldt (concussion). Questionable: SS LaMar Campbell (hamstring); DT Luther Elliss (elbow); G Stockar McDougle (foot); RB James Stewart (ankle); CB Bryant Westbrook (Achilles). Probable: OLB Barrett Green (abdomen); RB Lamont Warren (rib).

49ERS: Out: TE Greg Clark (hamstring/back); RB Jonas Lewis (groin); C Ben Lynch (ankle); CB Anthony Parker (shoulder). Doubtful: DT Reggie McGrew (ankle). Questionable: QB Jeff Garcia (knee). Probable: CB Rashad Holman (ankle); WR-KR Vinny Sutherland (groin).

Indianapolis at Buffalo

COLTS: Out: OLB Sean Harris (neck/shoulder); WR Jerome Pathon (foot). Questionable: DE Chad Bratzke (ankle); RB Edgerrin James (knee); WR Terrence Wilkins (chest). Probable: MLB Rob Morris (knee); OLB Ryan Phillips (ankle).

BILLS: Questionable: T Jonas Jennings (foot); DT Leif Larsen (elbow); G Jerry Ostroski (leg). Probable: WR Jeremy McDaniel (ankle).

Jacksonville at Tennessee

JAGUARS: Out: RB Fred Taylor (groin). Questionable: FS Ainsley Battles (knee); SS Donovin Darius (hip); TE Damon Jones (shoulder); OLB T.J. Slaughter (knee/ankle).

TITANS: Out: WR Justin McCareins (ankle); DT John Thornton (shoulder). Questionable: WR Eddie Berlin (shoulder); SS Blaine Bishop (foot/hand); OLB Keith Bulluck (ankle); DE Henry Ford (foot); RB Eddie George (knee/ankle); DE Jevon Kearse (ankle); TE Erron Kinney (calf); SS Aric Morris (knee); DT Joe Salave'a (shoulder); WR Chris Sanders (back).

Kansas City at San Diego

CHIEFS: Out: T Victor Riley (ankle/leg); OLB Gary Stills (groin). Doubtful: DT Nate Hobgood-Chittic (ankle). Questionable: WR Derrick Alexander (ribs); OLB Lewis Bush (groin); CB Ray Crockett (hand). Probable: DE Duane Clemons (knee); WR Dante' Hall (shoulder); WR Larry Parker (hamstring).

CHARGERS: Questionable: FB Derrick Harris (hamstring); SS Rodney Harrison (ankle). Probable: DE Adrian Dingle (foot); G DeMingo Graham (knee); TE Freddie Jones (ankle); CB Ryan McNeil (ribs); MLB Carlos Polk (ribs/shoulder); OLB Junior Seau (groin); RB LaDainian Tomlinson (hip); DE Marcellus Wiley (groin).

New England at Atlanta

PATRIOTS: Out: MLB Bryan Cox (leg). Doubtful: QB Drew Bledsoe (chest); WR Terry Glenn (leg). Questionable: FS Antwan Harris (ankle); T Adrian Klemm (leg); T Matt Light (shoulder); TE Rod Rutledge (ankle); NT Richard Seymour (leg).

FALCONS: Out: T Michael Thompson (foot). Questionable: FS Ronnie Bradford (knee). Probable: OLB Chris Draft (toe); DT Shane Dronett (ankle); G Bob Hallen (back); TE Reggie Kelly (toe); WR Tony Martin (shoulder); OLB Artie Ulmer (groin).

N.Y. Jets at New Orleans

JETS: Out: WR-KR Santana Moss (knee). Doubtful: G Randy Thomas (ankle). Questionable: DE-DT Shane Burton (calf).

SAINTS: Doubtful: T Willie Roaf (knee). Doubtful: TE Cameron Cleeland (ankle). Questionable: DE Joe Johnson (triceps); DE Willie Whitehead (knee).

Philadelphia at Arizona

EAGLES: Questionable: WR Dameane Douglas (quadriceps); MLB Jeremiah Trotter (leg). Probable: OLB Mike Caldwell (foot); FS Brian Dawkins (shoulder/ankle); WR Todd Pinkston (wrist); WR Gari Scott (ankle); T Tra Thomas (groin).

CARDINALS: Out: TE Terry Hardy (shoulder); WR Rob Moore (hamstring). Doubtful: SS Pat Tillman (ankle). Questionable: CB Tom Knight (hamstring); RB Michael Pittman (concussion). Probable: DE Tom Burke (leg); FB Joel Makovicka (neck); FS Adrian Wilson (thigh).

Seattle at Washington

SEAHAWKS: Out: RB Ricky Watters (shoulder). Questionable: FS Marcus Robertson (hamstring); RB Charlie Rogers (toe).

REDSKINS: Doubtful: TE Stephen Alexander (ankle). Questionable: DE Dorian Boose (knee); CB Fred Smoot (knee). Probable: C Ethan Albright (ankle); DT Kenard Lang (ankle); T Chris Samuels (ankle).

Tampa Bay at Green Bay

BUCCANEERS: Out: NT Anthony McFarland (knee). Questionable: WR Jacquez Green (groin); FS John Howell (concussion); FS Eric Vance (back); MLB Nate Webster (shoulder). Probable: WR Reidel Anthony (hip); OLB Derrick Brooks (foot); RB Warrick Dunn (hamstring); OLB Jeff Gooch (shoulder); WR Keyshawn Johnson (knee); DE Marcus Jones (elbow).

PACKERS: Probable: NT Gilbert Brown (groin); SS LeRoy Butler (chest); WR Donald Driver (quadriceps); WR Bill Schroeder (ankle); OLB Nate Wayne (knee).

Tomorrow's game

Denver at Oakland

BRONCOS: Doubtful: WR-KR Kevin Kasper (ankle/ankle). Questionable: G Lennie Friedman (knee). Probable: WR Chris Cole (back); RB Terrell Davis (knee); G Steve Herndon (knee).

RAIDERS: Doubtful: OLB Elijah Alexander (knee); QB Bobby Hoying (elbow). Questionable: G Mo Collins (leg); T Lincoln Kennedy (shoulder); T Barry Sims (foot); RB Tyrone Wheatley (knee). Probable: WR David Dunn (quadriceps).

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