Why would watermen under-report crab catch?The headline...


Why would watermen under-report crab catch?

The headline of an article in the Sun Friday, Sept. 28, Anne Arundel section reads "Crab catch still small." In the article there is paragraph about a crabber, a Maryland Waterman's Association board member no less, from Shady Side in southern Anne Arundel County.

This crabber, like others in similar articles past, said the government figures are lower than the true harvest. He went on to say, "The watermen don't write down what they catch on the catch reports because they don't like people to know their business."

I wonder what advantage under-reporting has for him and others? Can anybody venture a guess? It seems to me that over-reporting would be the thing to do. Over-reporting would falsely inflate the poundage caught, thus indicating plenty of crabs. This in turn to maybe help change existing restrictions.

Of course one should pay taxes on the income generated by catching and selling crabs.

Frederick C. Lohn


Marriage-license story should be clarified

The Sept. 30 Sun for Anne Arundel article, "Marriage-license discount set for counseled couples," requires clarification.

The enabling legislation, effective Oct. 1, provides that, in order to receive a discounted marriage license fee, applicant must file with the Circuit Court clerk a certificate of completion specifying the name of the counseling provider and the date the counseling was completed. The counseling must be completed within one year prior to the date of the application for the license.

Hopefully, Maryland will be a leader in the effort to help more marriages succeed and provide a nurturing environment for children, who do best in intact families.

Del. John R. Leopold


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