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Imagine a golf foursome of golf great Tiger Woods, basketball superstar Michael Jordan, network sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, and former pro footballer Roy Green. Now imagine you get to hang out with them while they play.

If you're B-more biz whiz Dennis Townsend, you don't have to imagine. Business page readers already know the Townsend Capital CEO recently acquired Hamilton Farm Golf Course, an ultra-swanky, ultra-private golf club in Bedminster, N.J.

A couple of weeks ago, Woods visited for a couple of days. Dennis says he enjoyed the club so much, he invited three friends to join him. Michael, Ahmad and Roy arrived at 8 a.m.

"Three nicer people you could never meet," Dennis says. In particular, he was struck by Jordan. "I've never been around someone who has as much presence.

"In most cases, when you've seen someone so much [on TV and in the press], you feel like you know them well," he explains. "But Michael makes it seem like he knows you very well, too. ... When he starts talking, he tunes right in to you. He calls you by name. Hours later, he remembers your name. He makes you feel like you're really one of the group."

After chatting for a few minutes, Michael asked, in a big deep voice, "Where's Tiger?" When informed that he was still sleeping, his friends bounded up to his room.

"They start pounding on his door, and yelling 'Tiger! Wake up! It's bogey time!" Dennis recounts, "They were just like a bunch of good-natured kids."

Tiger sleepily answered the door, and told his buddies that tee time was 9 a.m., to which they responded that it was for 8. Tiger laughingly told them he'd see them at 9 and closed the door.

"Now, who else but Michael Jordan could go wake up Tiger Woods by banging on his door," Dennis merrily marvels, "and who else but Tiger Woods could slam a door in Michael Jordan's face?"

The day only got better for Dennis. He was asked to accompany the group for the first six holes of a total 54 they played. That night, he joined Tiger at a private dinner.

"I am amazed at what a fine young man [Tiger] is," Dennis says. "He has the maturity and poise of someone much older. Yet, he told us his parents still make him make his bed when he goes home."

Social Calendar

Sept. 29: Because of a change in the University of Maryland sports schedule, the start time for UM's Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center "Dedication Gala" on Sept. 29 has been moved from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. For further information, call 301-405-8776.


Oop-si-daisy! We goofed last Sunday. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's "Gaiete Parisienne" gala raised much more than we reported. The event collected more than $550,000 for the BSO. Nous sommes desoles. (Translation: We're sorry.)

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