Johnson raises more money


Mayor Dean L. Johnson pulled himself out of the financial slump last month, raising more since mid-August than any other mayoral candidate, according to the final round of campaign finance reports filed by yesterday's deadline.

Still, the Republican incumbent's fund-raising total continues to lag behind the amount raised by his opponent in the Tuesday's primary election, Ward 5 Alderman Herbert H. McMillan, as well as that of the top fund-raiser, Democratic mayoral candidate and Ward 8 Alderman Ellen O. Moyer.

From Aug. 15 through Sept. 4, Johnson received financial contributions of $6,959, bringing his total contributions to date to $8,519.

McMillan, who raised $1,095 in the past three weeks, has taken in $24,608 in contributions. Moyer, who raised $6,420 in the most recent period, has garnered contributions of $51,315.

Johnson, who said he spent last month "shaking the trees, making phone calls, looking for assistance," said his campaign, while trailing in money, has "fairly broad" support in the city.

"You'd always like a little bit more [money]," he said. "But it's a small town."

Johnson also received in-kind contributions of $1,346, spent almost $6,300 and had outstanding bills of $2,165 during the most recent period, according to his finance report. He goes into the final week before the election with $2,651 in his coffers. Johnson has spent $6,368. Before the last round of reports, the mayor raised $1,560 and spent less than $100.

McMillan received in-kind contributions of $1,060, spent $1,011 and reported outstanding bills of $1,103 in the past three weeks. Over the campaign, McMillan has spent $16,017.

In the same period, Moyer received in-kind contributions of $188, spent $8,812 and reported outstanding obligations of $7,155, according to her finance report. Since the start of the campaign, she has spent $39,809.

"I think it certainly says there are a lot of people who have respect for me and faith in me," she said. "I think it's pretty awesome, quite frankly."

Moyer, the 14-year council representative from Eastport, has financially edged out the four other Democrats. Former County Council member Maureen Lamb is the next-highest Democratic fund-raiser, with $14,146. Lamb has spent $14,721.

During the three-week period, Lamb raised $1,925, lent her campaign $4,000, spent $3,894 and received in-kind contributions worth $700.

Two-time mayor Alfred A. Hopkins raised $1,300 in the past three weeks, bringing his total in contributions to $2,794. In the most recent period, Hopkins' campaign spent $1,426 and received in-kind contributions worth $1,044. Hopkins has spent $2,154.

Franklin Yates, a retired disc jockey who reversed his earlier campaign pledge not to raise any money, reported contributions of $220 this period, bringing his total to $325. This period he spent $276, all he has spent so far, and reported outstanding bills of $222.

Sylvanus B. Jones, a retired U.S. State Department adjudicator, did not file an updated report by yesterday. Jones did not raise any funds in the period from July 24 through Aug. 14. He raised $2,450 before July 24. Jones has spent $3,782, according to previous reports.

Other candidates facing challenges in the primary, include Democratic candidates in Wards 1, 3 and 8.

In Ward 1, Alderman Louise Hammond, on the council for eight years, raised $350 in the past three weeks, bringing her total to date to $13,430. She has spent $12,145 in her campaign. Her challenger, Annapolis newcomer Caryl P. Weiss, has raised $51 and spent nothing.

Ward 3 Alderman Samuel Gilmer trails his challenger, Classie Gillis Hoyle, in campaign funds. The incumbent received no contributions and spent nothing in the past period, according to his report. He raised $3,090 previously and spent $3,039. Hoyle raised $395 this period, bringing her total to $5,476. She spent $2,218 in the past three weeks, with total expenditures in the campaign of $5,534.

Joshua Cohen leads Douglas Lamborne in fund raising in the Democratic competition for Ward 8. Cohen raised $1,085 in the past three weeks, with a total of $13,300. He spent $1,361 in the recent period, for a total of $12,477. Lamborne raised $1,215 this period, for $4,900 total. He spent $489 in the past three weeks, with expenditures to date of $3,059.

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