Take a safari to one of the most beautiful spots on Earth as well as one of the most beautiful sites on the Web: Serengeti National Park at www.serengetipark.org. This dynamic Web site features breath-taking high-resolution images of the Serengeti: rivers, forests, kopjes, woodlands, volcanoes and a multitude of animal life. Put your cursor on an image in the Discover Serengeti section to reveal hidden treasures. The Magnificent Wildlife section includes info on migrations, night life, plant life and birds. Also, learn about big game and little animals, from elephants, rhinos and leopards to the elephant shrew, rhino beetle and leopard tortoise.

Nominate a cool Web site at www.4Kids.org / nominations / .

Kid Quest

What do lions hide on kopjes?


Journey to the Island of the Meddybemps and discover an enchanted world of fun, games, learning and uncommon amusement at www.meddybemps.com. In the Beantime stories section, you can read about the legend of the Meddybemps, the Three Pumpkin Pirates or Edgar's Easter Eggs.

Kid Quest

In the story "Art Is for Everyone," who do Mother and Margaret show the drawing to?


Catch a train to Money Central Station at www.bep.treas.gov / kids_site / . Grab a "go" ticket at the booth to enter Bucky's Fair for 5- to 8-year-olds. Explore the Portrait Studio, Whack a Buck and Funny Money games. Depart on a money-making adventure today.

Kid Quest

What is visible on both sides of U.S. paper money if you hold the bill up to a light?

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