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Comedy Central rolls out 'Let's Bowl'


Think of it as Fargo meets Bowling for Dollars.

I'm not saying it's great or that you're even going to like it, but Comedy Central's Let's Bowl is definitely weird enough that it's worth checking out the premiere tonight at 10:30 on the cable channel.

The new series is set in Minneapolis at a bowling alley straight out of the NBC comedy / drama, Ed. The concept -- if you want to call it that -- involves two area residents with "a beef" against each other settling it with one game of bowling before a crowd of Minneapolis residents. The competitors in tonight's premiere are two salesmen. One pulled a practical joke on the other at work, and they have been feuding since.

The contestants compete for such prizes as a trip to Duluth, "the jewel of the north coast." The grand prize is a used 1998 Ski Doo snowmobile.

Roll-by-roll commentary and color are provided by Wally Hotveldt (Rich Kronfeld) and Steve "Chopper" Sedahl (Steve Sedahl). Sedahl is the straight man, right out of the old school of inane bowling play-by-play. Wally is a strange, angry, paranoid and bitter case who provides an insane stream-of-consciousness commentary that seems to have more to do with voices in his head than the bowlers on the lanes.

"My feet are full of toxins," he whispers as one of the bowlers prepares to roll.

If nothing else, check Let's Bowl out for the Minnesota humor, like Wally's comment after hearing Steve announce the winner's trip to Duluth: "Yeah, Duluth's like Paris -- only colder and with lots more beer."

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