Author's life has many plotsThe road Todd...


Author's life has many plots

The road Todd Strasser took to becoming a writer was, if nothing else, a winding one.

Strasser began life normally enough. As a kid, he liked fishing and had a flair for science. But once he entered college, the word normal wasn't so applicable. After a couple of years, he dropped out of school and moved to a commune in Virginia. Later, he did a stint in Europe as a street musician. That was followed by time as a reporter and an ad writer.

Somewhere among those jobs, Strasser found the time to write his first book, "Angel Dust Blues," a story about teens and drugs.

He got it published in 1978 and then took the money it earned and founded the Dr. Wing Tip Shoo Fortune Cookie Co., which he ran successfully for 12 years. It wasn't until 1990 that Strasser gave up his outside interests and began to focus his energy solely on writing. In the years since, he's churned out more than 100 novels for teens - with topics as varied as his careers.

He's written novelizations of popular films, including "Free Willy" and "Home Alone"; a 17-book series about a boy who keeps switching bodies with other people; and a book that was the inspiration for the 1999 film "Drive Me Crazy (How I Created My Perfect Prom Date)."

Strasser will appear at the Cockeysville Branch Library Wednesday to talk about his books and his life as an author. 7 p.m., 9833 Greenside Drive, 410-887-7750.

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