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Food Inspection Report


The Howard County Health Department regularly inspects food establishments. Violation of any of eight "critical items" - those most likely to contribute to food-borne illness - requires immediate correction or closure of the establishment. Of the 38 facilities inspected from April 17 through May 14, one facility was cited for such violations and corrected them immediately, and one facility was closed. The numbers correspond to descriptions of items below:

Anytime Cafe, 10194 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 103, Ellicott City. The facility was closed for unapproved preparation of foods and use of unapproved equipment, and reopened May 14.

China City, The Mall in Columbia (4, 5). Corrected immediately.

1. Food obtained from approved sources.

2. Food protected from contamination, spoilage, adulteration.

3. Food workers: Proper hand-washing; restricted for infection or diarrhea.

4. Potentially hazardous foods cooled and refrigerated; adequate refrigeration equipment provided.

5. Potentially hazardous foods held to proper temperatures; adequate equipment provided.

6. Potentially hazardous foods cooked and reheated properly; adequate equipment provided.

7. Potable running water.

8. Sewage properly discharged.

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