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Frazier, Dell support sprawl developmentHypocrite. Just to...


Frazier, Dell support sprawl development

Hypocrite. Just to be sure I understood the term properly, I consulted my yellowed, 40-year-old Webster's Dictionary on the word before employing it in reference to Commissioner Robin Frazier's recent letter to the editor concerning her intentions to drain Piney Run Lake and her behavior in office ("Wells in S. Carroll not best solution for the long term," May 6).

Webster defines the word as "One who feigns to be other than he [she] is, a false pretender to virtue or piety". I have always believed that politicians' actions speak volumes more than their words. They are a true test of one's character. The company they keep are a good measure of their true intentions. In the case of Commissioner Frazier, that company includes several prominent members of the Carroll Landowners Association (a renowned pro-development group) and numerous bankers, developers, attorneys, engineers and land surveyors who trade upon the paving of Carroll County. An even better yardstick may be whom she appoints to the Carroll County Planning Commission and various committees which advise the Board of Commissioners. All one needs to do is gaze upon the names she has vetted. One list looks remarkably like the other.

Commissioner Frazier should take one of the "Character Tests" she has devised for County employees. Or perhaps the public can provide a test for her by checking the company she keeps and thus resolving the motives for her behavior in office. While she now proclaims that the use of well water to sustain the potable resource needs of South Carroll will actually increase residential development there, she has in fact lost all sight of reality as she vainly attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

Striving to assuage the pro development partners she has taken on during her ill-fated term in office, she is now trying to create a fiction that she and her co-conspirator Donald Dell are actually trying to slow residential growth in Carroll. What a whopper! If Ms. Frazier is so truly resolved that the development of new wells in South Carroll will generate more housing there, then perhaps she should take a closer look at the farcical Concurrency Management Ordinance her predecessors rammed through at the urging of the bankers and developers. It is fully within the commissioners' powers to amend that law, which is little more than a mandate to expend taxes to lay the infrastructure for more sprawl development.

This Board of Commissioners has had more than two years to review existing county laws. They have yet to remove so much as one of the commercial uses which diminish the true purpose of the Industrial Zone. After allowing the proposed Employment Campus Zone to sit on a shelf unadopted for ten years, they continue to talk a lot about it but do nothing. Surely we can expect them to toughen up the Concurrency Management Ordinance after realizing its weaknesses. Right.

One thing the Commissioners have expedited during their term in office is the demise of the County Zoning text by appointing a completely unbalanced committee to discombobulate it.

Ms. Frazier isn't fooling anyone. The public knows what they have on their hands with her and partner Dell, whose idea of keeping Carroll country is to ruin the tourism and recreation resource known as Piney Run Lake so that future sprawl development is assured. It's a shame that neither Frazier nor Dell have the integrity to actually say what they mean. Quite an example they've set for county employees in establishing their new "Character Criteria".

Neil Ridgely


Why prosecute teachers for sex with students?

Somebody with sanity in the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office should sit back soberly and ask ... whether it is worth spending thousands of dollars of the taxpayers' money and wasting months of time to prosecute off-campus sexual acts between a group of overheated teen-age boys and their substitute and student teachers who are barely a few years older ("Loophole looms in sex abuse cases," May 25). ... [and] ponder the question, do the "victims" of these "crimes" feel victimized?

Tom Lectka


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