Arthur the aardvark comes to Towson


Meet Arthur the aardvark at the Towson Branch Library tonight when he stops by to join a party celebrating his 25th anniversary. Guests will work on a card for Arthur, do a little singing and dancing with the librarians and maybe even listen to a story or two, depending on the size of the group.

"We did an Arthur program a year ago," says Towson librarian Joe Thompson. "We had an enormous crowd -- over 200 people -- and most of our story times are between 20 and 50, so it gets a little hard."

With or without storytelling, there's plenty to do. In addition to sharing in the above activities, guests can mingle with the life-size version of the 8-year-old anteater, and perhaps have a chance to pose for a picture with him. (Bring a camera!)

Arthur's road to celebrity status began a quarter-century ago when his creator, Marc Brown, started telling bedtime stories to his son, Tolon.

"Most of the stories were about animals," Brown told his publisher, Little, Brown and Co. "One night our story was about an aardvark who hated his nose. That aardvark, of course, was named Arthur."

Today Arthur has his own show on PBS, and there are more than 90 books about him and his pals..

The show requires free tickets, which you can get by calling the library's children's desk. There is a 250-person limit, so call soon. 7 p.m., 320 York Road, 410-887-6166.

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