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Mussina the traitor for leaving, not AngelosI...


Mussina the traitor for leaving, not Angelos

I have a great idea. The next time the Yankees come to town, why doesn't the city of Baltimore throw Mike Mussina a parade for leaving us for New York? Led by John Eisenberg and local fools who know nothing about baseball or the concept of loyalty, let's congratulate Mussina for leaving our pathetic team and defecting to our arch-rivals for more money, glamour and hopes of championships.

Instead of remaining in the city that adored him for 10 years (and would have worshiped him for another 10) and anchoring a young, rebuilding team, Mussina sold out in the worst of ways. Not only did he disillusion fans like myself by ditching the Orioles, he left for the New York Yankees. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.

Should we blame Peter Angelos? Within reason, of course - the man has single-handedly made the Orioles the laughingstock of baseball, practically destroying the finest organization in the sport. But let's not kid ourselves: Mussina decided to leave Baltimore. Mussina signed his name on the pinstriped ... er, dotted line. He is the traitor, not Angelos.

Chris J. McGloin Owings Mills

Orioles fans need to be consistent on criticism

Is it possible for Orioles fans to be happy? It seems that no matter who owns the club or what the management does, people are not satisfied.

Before Peter Angelos bought the club, people complained about not having enough money to get quality players and worried about the club moving. Now they complain because they don't like how Angelos runs the club. While he makes some decisions I don't agree with and seems to make a few of them with his feelings toward people instead of with logic, I have always felt he really cares about the city and the club. He is also willing to put his money where his mouth is.

There is also a lot of condemnation lately about the Orioles not re-signing Mike Mussina. I have always considered Mike to be one of the most talented and classy players to wear the uniform, but at the same time I am not sure his record the past few years warranted the contract he got from the Yankees.

A few years ago, we went through the same thing with Brady Anderson when he was a free agent. Everyone screamed that we had to re-sign him no matter what. Now the same people are complaining that he is washed up and we should get rid of him but we can't because of his contract.

We as fans pay for the right to criticize the management and the players. All I ask is that we be a bit more consistent with it. We can't have it both ways.

Donna Stephens Catonsville

Some nits and picks about game of baseball

The baseball season is but six weeks old and yet I have some major-league complaints:

1. The new schedule. Was it just me or did it seem like the Orioles played Tampa Bay virtually every day in April? A little variety in scheduling would be nice.

2. Something must be done about the posturing between the pitchers and the hitters between pitches. A few weeks ago, a Bernie Williams at-bat against the Orioles lasted 15 minutes! The game lasted four hours.

3. There are too many pitching changes. Every manager manages as if it were Game 7 of the World Series! Promotion idea here: How about handing out "No Doz" next time the Orioles have a giveaway?

4. Why is baseball the only sport in which the manager/coach dresses like his players? How come football and hockey don't follow suit?

Seriously, a nine-inning baseball game should last no longer than 2 1/2 hours. I am not suggesting major rule changes here. Make 'em play ball! If not, just you watch - one day the nation's pastime will be a thing of the past.

Thomas Ponton Columbia

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