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Call for cooperation from outgoing mayorIt has...


Call for cooperation from outgoing mayor

It has been a true honor and privilege to serve the citizens of New Windsor as their Mayor for eight years. Like a football team, it is not the quarterback that wins the game alone - it takes an entire team to make each play successful. Credit belongs to all those who made our successes possible - the citizens, council members, employees, consultants, County and State officials - the list goes on.

Our team in New Windsor has made a difference over the last eight years. Our efforts have made the quality of life for the residents of New Windsor even better. Our surpluses have doubled, our taxes are lower, our services have increased, our resources are not overburdened, and our town is still the quaint storybook town of yesterday.

A lot has been made of my offer to continue serving the citizens by filling the vacancy on the Town Council. I never expected that a hand outstretched in assistance would be slapped by those placing personal feelings before the public good. By bridging the past and the future, I can provide valuable insight into the issues of the past eight years and details on projects which are currently pending.

Much of the turmoil that has been reported is sensationalized by those running for office and should be accepted as a normal part of the campaign season. Some of the discord could be attributable to the wedding night jitters of a new mayor facing the transition from years of campaigning to actual governing. Regardless of the rhetoric, all of those who have stepped forward to lead the community have a common interest - a desire to help to the citizens of New Windsor.

Jack A. Gullo Jr.

Mayor, New Windsor

Longtime Republican bids goodbye to party

I have always been a Republican. I first registered that way in 1970 and cast my first vote for J. Glenn Beall. Though I've occasionally voted for Democrats like Richard Dixon or the Byrons, I've been like many other Carroll County residents and stuck with Republican Party.

In addition, I've been active in the local GOP for over 20 years. Twice I served on the Central Committee, have been a member of various Republican clubs, serving as president of one and was an officer in another. During this period I was treasurer of the local Reagan campaign in 1984, and co-chaired the Carroll County Bush campaign in 1988. People like me have helped build the local Republican Party.

Beginning in 1995, I have become increasingly uneasy in the direction of my party at all levels. The party of Lincoln now spends an inordinate amount of time defending the Rebel flag and denying that slavery had much to do with the Civil War. The party of Teddy Roosevelt now seems hellbent in opening up our national treasures to powerful economic interests. And now, the party of Goldwater is even questioning the need to eliminate the entire national debt.

The state GOP is becoming increasingly irrelevant, while our own delegation annually goes to Annapolis with a chip on its shoulder. They go out of their way to insult the governor and fellow legislators, consider compromise a dirty word, and then whine when Carroll doesn't get its fair share from the budget

Locally, our tax rate is one of the highest (with minimal services) of any metropolitan county. Growth in the county has been rampant, which is setting up another tax increase. Two of the commissioners seem to think it is good public policy to make decisions in closed meetings without the need for citizen input.

Public hearings are merely something state law requires them to endure, not something to gauge public opinion. Many of their actions reflect the feeling of many that the local Republican Party is fast becoming dominated by a group of large landowners and developers.

This situation will continue until local voters look beyond party and start voting for the best people to send to Annapolis and Westminster. And local Democrats have to start putting up strong candidates to give the voters that choice.

Regardless of whether that occurs, I can no longer be a part of the problem, blindly following a party that is leading us over a cliff.

Consequently, when I dropped this letter in the mail today, I also mailed a request to the Elections Board to change my registration from Republican to Democrat. I hope other dissatisfied Republicans will join me, or if not, at least start looking at all candidates, and vote for those who can represent all citizens, not just a few powerful interests.

Frank H. Rammes


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