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Some dividend-paying blue chips to consider


IN THIS volatile market, are you looking for a high-quality stock portfolio that also provides a good income? Bloomberg's Personal Finance, June, selects these stocks for its "Blue-Chip Growth & Income" list: BP Amoco PLC, Dow Jones & Co. Inc., General Electric Co., Johnson & Johnson, J. P. Morgan Chase & Co., Philip Morris Cos. Inc. and SBC Communications Inc.

FIXING 401(k): "Did the market meltdown put your 401(k) in the red?" asks June's Money. The article suggests a "multistep plan to get your growth back." The steps include: "Figure out where you stand; get serious about saving; design a realistic asset allocation; beware company-stock time bombs; rebalance when necessary; get help if you need it."

TACKLE THE BEAR: "If you're feeling queasy and worried about what your next brokerage statement will say, here are sensible strategies for tackling the bear head on: Don't abandon stocks. When you unload, sell stocks gradually. Forget market timing. Reevaluate your investments periodically. Spread your money around." (Kiplinger's, June)

WALL STREET WATCH: "When stocks get cheaper, how can that not be good news?" (Charles D. Ellis, manager, Yale University $10 billion endowment fund.)

"The lows have already been seen. The Dow will remain above 10,000 and the Nasdaq above 2,000. Corporate earnings should rebound." (The Personal Capitalist)

"When you combine this oversold condition with a friendly Federal Reserve and wads of cash on the sidelines, you have a solid future in store for stocks. Another bullish sign: Most advisers have finally become bearish." (Todd Market Forecast)

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