Discover and discuss the 'Hidden' boy


The Eldersburg Branch Library invites kids 7 to 10 to read the futuristic book "Among the Hidden" by Margaret Peterson Haddix and meet at the library Monday to discuss their thoughts.

The book tells the story of Luke, a boy stashed away in his family's attic all because he's the third child. That is one too many, according to the Population Police, who strictly limit families to two children apiece.

If Luke is found out, he'll be killed, so he spends his days peering through vents at the world outside, wondering what it's like to have friends, go to parties, be unafraid.

His is a pitiful and extremely dull existence -- until he spots someone peering out of the window in a neighbor's home. It's a young girl, another illegal "shadow child," surmises Luke.

The pair start a tense and guarded friendship that leads to rebellion and potentially to freedom.

The discussion is at 4:30 p.m., 6400 W. Hemlock Drive, 410-386-4460.

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