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Three women run for seats in Union Bridge


Carroll County has seen a slate of jam-packed town council races this spring, but not in Union Bridge, where three candidates are running for three seats.

Kathleen Smith joins two incumbents, Karen Kotarski and Dawn Metcalf. All three say the council should focus on Main Street revitalization.

"We've started a lot of things, and I know I can help us follow through on them," said Kotarski, an elementary school special education teacher.

Kotarski, 52, noted a new cell tower, which will allow residents to use portable phones in town, as an example of the council's progress. She has lived in Union Bridge 30 years and served on the council four years.

Metcalf, 35, also said the council has projects to continue. She wants new playground equipment at the town's community center. Metcalf has lived in Union Bridge nine years and served on the council four years.

With Lehigh Portland Cement Co. engaged in a $268 million expansion, the town could face changes, the incumbents said, but it's too early to tell what they might be. Both women said they favor keeping the town's only traffic light, which the state might want to remove because of slight traffic flow through downtown.

"What if we rip it out and then, with the Lehigh expansion, we see more traffic and need it back?" Metcalf mused. "That would be silly. We should just leave it."

Smith, 37, said Mayor Perry L. Jones Jr. and another council member encouraged her to run. "I thought it might be my way to help the town grow," she said.

Smith has lived in Union Bridge a year. She listed more in-town police activity as a goal.

Though the election seems set, Union Bridge has a history of write-in intrigue. In 1997, the town elected its former clerk and treasurer, Kathleen Kreimer, though she never announced her candidacy or campaigned.

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