Wells in S. Carroll not best solution...


Wells in S. Carroll not best solution for the long term

Don't be fooled! Wells as a water supply in South Carroll will accelerate building and mostly benefit developers. Here's why:

The current area connection charge for the Freedom area is $3,888.06. This cost is paid by developers and passed on to new home buyers. New area connection charges will be based on the cost of the new water supply chosen to fill the needs in the Freedom area.

Let's say instead of building a water treatment plant and meeting the long-term water needs of South Carroll, we find another 1 million gallons of water per day from wells as a short-term solution. This would accommodate about 1,200 Equivalent Dwelling Units and remove any current restrictions on residential development in the water service area.

One EDU is equal to one residence; three to 11 may equal a business, such as a carwash, a 13-unit office building or a restaurant that seats 50 to 100 people and has a dishwasher; while 21 EDU's may be needed for a school.

The construction cost for wells that yield 1 million gallons per day would run approximately $2 million. Therefore, the area connection charge paid by a builder would fall from the current $3,888.06 per EDU to a mere $1,667.00 per EDU.

If you were a developer, which option would you favor? That's right, you would favor wells; and you would get as many lots recorded as possible while the area connection charge was low!

Don't be fooled! Wells in South Carroll as the county's short-term plan for South Carroll's projected water shortages will accelerate residential growth.

Robin B. Frazier


The writer is a Carroll County commissioner.

Two dirt-bike thugs mar Liberty trails enjoyment

A warning to horseback riders, fishermen, hikers and others who legally enjoy the Liberty Watershed trails: There are two thugs on dirt bikes who are very dangerous.

On April 23, I encountered these two while riding my horse on the fire road near the end of Bollinger Mill Road. As they approached, my riding companion and I both signaled them to stop while we went by. They did, in fact, stop - which tells me they understood our request - but then, as we got closer, they started moving again and ran directly at my horse. In an effort to get out of the way, we backed up and the horse and I fell over an embankment. I now have five broken ribs, as well as a black eye and abrasions. They did not stop when we fell.

I might add that their behavior is quite incompatible with that of the many ATV and dirt bike riders I have met elsewhere. Upon seeing a horse, they voluntarily pull over and turn off their engines until we are safely past.

I should like to thank Paul Janyska and Nell and Elizabeth Bitzel, who rescued my horse and kept him safe. Finding him in such good hands - after hours of searching - was a great relief.

Anne Bennof


Pushing re-election of 3 for Taneytown council

Councilwoman Jackie Boisvert, Mayor Pro Tem James McCarron and Councilman James Wieprecht are seeking re-election to the Taneytown City Council on May 7. As a concerned citizen of Taneytown, I would like to see these three incumbents re-elected based on their record and their foresight in working to make Taneytown a better place to live, work and play.

They work with the Economic Development Commission to provide amenities that will service our current population such as the new medical center and new day care center. They work with the Main Street Maryland Committee program to promote revitalization of the downtown area and to keep property taxes at a minimum. They have made the government accessible to the citizens through open communication. They work to provide a safe environment for youth and promote youth activities, as well as provide parks and recreation for seniors and families.

The current incumbents ... have consistently addressed and supported programs such as the Gathering Place, expansion of Memorial Park for more ball fields, plus development of an educational nature park to provide hiking and biking trails, nature trails and picnic areas on Highway 194 north at the city limits.

They are open to citizens' concerns and needs. Presently there is concern for more ... activities in the community. A successful youth program needs to be well-planned with input and involvement from the youth and parents as well as volunteers from the community and interaction with the current city planning commission. Committees have been formed by the mayor and City Council that are addressing the needs and are looking at projects to help fill these needs. They work hard to make Taneytown a safe and desirable community.

Keep the momentum going: Cast your vote for Jackie Boisvert, James McCarron, James Wieprecht for Taneytown City Council on May 7.

Alice Unger


Gullo's political move was 'cleverly crafted'

Well, here we go again with political maneuvering by the lame duck [New Windsor] Mayor Jay Gullo!

Mr. Gullo's announcement to apply to fill the council vacancy by way of handing a letter to the current four town council persons on the evening of April 26 following an executive session exemplifies a well-planned political maneuver. After the resignation of Paul Garver, the town council failed to act on appointment for his remaining two-year term in February town meeting. The next month at the March town meeting again no action was taken on this matter because the mayor stated it would not be fair to vote since [Council member Rebecca] Harman was on an overseas trip. The April meeting brought no action as the mayor stated that Councilman [Terry] Petry was absent, and a majority vote of the other three council members had to be unanimous. Mrs. Harman spoke up to say, "I am not ready to vote." Therefore, no action was taken.

Now we come to the May 2 meeting and, with Mr. Gullo's announcement of his intention to fill the unexpired term, places a burden on the current council members as there are already three worthy names submitted. The mayor has never announced the names of the persons who have applied nor has he ever indicated a cutoff date for applications.

As you can see this very cleverly crafted political maneuver is not in the best interest of the town council or community, but is an arrogant statement that no one can do the job like he can. Contrary to Mr. Gullo's statement of being so caring for the town, there are capable people who will seek solutions to the challenges that face the town of New Windsor in a wise and efficient manner.

Sam M. Pierce

New Windsor

Question the motives in pipes, water mailings

Is it an accident that South Carroll received a survey about leaky pipes at the same time as a brochure selling the need to construct a new water treatment plant (WTP) at Piney Run? Would Commissioners Donald Dell and Robin Frazier be subliminally suggesting that the old Freedom plant at Liberty may have somehow contributed to leaky pipes or that the water supply at Liberty is inferior in some way to the water at Piney Run? Commissioners Dell and Frazier have said that by combining the two mailings they were able to save about $2,000 in postage, which seems hardly an important savings when compared to the planned expenditure of up to $16 million for Piney Run WTP.

It seems all too likely that combining the mailing was really meant to confuse South Carroll about the two issues, causing people to throw out mailing or better yet not respond at all. Let's face the facts: The fewer people who acknowledge their leaky pipes to the county, the smaller the county's potential liability for improperly treating the water.

The county seems comfortable disseminating confusing information concerning the pipe corrosion consultant's findings by pronouncing that there is not conclusive cause of the leaks. The Sun has even made comparisons to pipe problems in other areas of the country, but the simple fact remains, Baltimore has not had leaky pipe problems and they use water from Liberty Lake. Logic dictates that since Baltimore is using the same water but was treating it differently during the period in question, it has to be Carroll's treatment that caused the problem.

We see projected water costs increasing over a period of time and projected total dollars spent, but we are not told what the money is spent on or even what the present cost of water is at Liberty.

Maybe Commissioners Dell and Frazier will come to the "Save the Lake" Rally on May 6 to hear what their constituents have to say about these issues. Or maybe, as is more likely, they'll just send us another piece of mail telling us about their decision to seek a construction permit for Piney Run along with a tax bill for our share of the $10 million to cover replacement of all the leaky pipes in South Carroll.

Ross Dangel


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