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O's demotion of Ripken unfair and unnecessaryAs...


O's demotion of Ripken unfair and unnecessary

As an avid Orioles fan and a great admirer of Cal Ripken, both for his character and ability, I find that his current treatment - i.e., his designation as the "part-time third baseman" - is a new low for Orioles management, namely Peter Angelos, Syd Thrift and Mike Hargrove.

I was delighted when Hargrove was named manager, but his apparent disregard of Cal in this matter has disappointed me greatly.

Despite Cal's current average, which I believe in large part has been the result of his fractured rib and basically little participation in spring training, Cal recently led the team in RBIs and, in my opinion and that of many other Orioles fans, is still the best Orioles third baseman.

Further, for the past two seasons, Cal has been a productive player, hitting .300 with 33 home runs and 113 RBIs in 641 combined at-bats. His demotion supposedly is to give Mike Kinkade (age 27) more playing time, but Kinkade has yet to prove himself a valued Oriole and reportedly has played in the minors primarily as a catcher, not as a third baseman.

Irma Virgil


Palmer's mistakes on TV getting to be too much

After years of listening to Orioles games on TV, it's time to speak up. I loved Jim Palmer as a player, but every other sentence, he makes mistakes - big mistakes. These mistakes should not happen to someone who has been an announcer as long as he has.

It's been tough to adjust to anyone besides Jon Miller, but Palmer's mistakes are too many and often. If I made the errors he continues to make, I would be out of my job very fast.

Even Mike Flanagan (who is no John Lowenstein) could not help but laugh at Palmer's goofs during last Monday's game against Tampa Bay. After Brady Anderson's leadoff homer, Jim said, "Well, that's No. 44 for Brady Anderson and leaves him behind Hank Aaron's 751, ha, ha." He did correct the error until the next at-bat for Brady, as he meant to say that it was Brady's 44th career leadoff homer.

Palmer is a nice man and I'm not hammering him just to pick on him, but he needs a class at the Columbia House School of Broadcasting. I think Peter Angelos should help Jim with tuition because, after all, he did fire the best baseball announcer in history. Anyone for ESPN Sunday night baseball?

Michael W. Henley

Glen Burnie

Article on boxer Burman brings back memories

Alan Goldstein's interesting story about Red Burman being the first Marylander to fight for the heavyweight championship ("Rahman could take heart from Burman bid," April 21) sent my mind spinning back to a night in February 1936.

My dad took me to see a professional fight at the old Palace Theatre (later the Town) on West Fayette Street. Red Burman knocked out Corn Griffith in the main bout and became my first boxing hero. After that, I saw just about all of Red's Baltimore fights and he never failed to thrill and inspire me by his display of valor under fire.

Years later, I was proud to count this fine gentleman as a personal friend.

Thanks, Mr. Goldstein, for reminding boxing fans that courage was another name for Red Burman.

Buddy Ey


Missing LPGA results looks like discrimination

This concerns the lack of coverage for the LPGA. Is this discrimination or what?

I cannot believe The Sun will so blatantly discriminate against the LPGA as you have been doing for months. At least once or twice every week you have published the men's PGA and the senior men's tournament results and have left out the LPGA's results for the same period of time.

I think that is called discrimination.

Mary Myers


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