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Arundel police chief allows officers to work part time in bingo halls


Anne Arundel County Police Chief P. Thomas Shanahan has agreed to allow officers to work second jobs at bingo halls, reversing a decision to prohibit their employment because police regulate gambling operations.

Police officials announced yesterday that after negotiations with the Fraternal Order of Police, Shanahan said officers may work security details at Bingo World in Brooklyn Park and Treasure City in Annapolis during a six-month trial period.

Officers had been prohibited from taking jobs there after the executive director of the county's ethics commission issued an advisory opinion in November that a conflict of interest existed for officers working at bingo halls. The case never went before the full commission for an official review.

As part of the agreement, officers must wear their uniforms and lieutenants will stop by the halls regularly to check on off-duty officers, Jordan said.

The FOP and the Police Department also agreed that officers would work only at the two bingo halls where officers are already employed.

Police officials have not addressed other secondary employment issues, such as the prohibition on officers working at establishments that serve liquor.

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