Hear Celtic legends at Hereford LibraryTomorrow afternoon,...


Hear Celtic legends at Hereford Library

Tomorrow afternoon, storyteller Barbara Woodey will bring to life various Celtic myths and legends -- a selection she calls a "potpourri miscellany" -- at the Hereford Branch Library.

But Woodey wasn't always a storyteller. It was the computer age, actually, that ushered her into it.

Six years ago, Woodey was a school librarian, in love with the "print aspect of being a librarian," but definitely not the burgeoning technological aspects. "I'm technologically inept," she explains, and once computers became an integral part of the everyday in schools, Woodey found herself out of her comfort zone. So, she started shopping around for an alternate career, eventually finding her niche in spinning yarns.

"While working in school," she says, "I'd gone to assemblies and seen storytellers, and I thought, doggone it, I could do that." And so she did, first researching her options and discovering that there exists a whole world of storytellers: national and regional organizations and festival outlets. She read "lots and lots of books with folk tales from all kinds of cultures" and made them hers, adding her own particular style and flair to the stories (Celtic tales are among her favorites).

Meet Woodey and her brand of storytelling at 2 p.m. Friday at 16940 York Road. Call 410-887-1919.

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