Police Blotter is a sampling of crimes...

Police Blotter is a sampling of crimes from police reports in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Baltimore City


Western District

Rape: A man who stutters and wore a black hat decorated with Timberland in silver letters was being sought in the rape of a teen-age girl about 8:30 p.m. Monday in an alley off the 1600 block of Clifton Ave. The attacker was armed with a handgun. The victim was treated at Mercy Medical Center.


Northwestern District

Robbery: A man, 42, was in the 4700 block of Reisterstown Road about 10 p.m. Tuesday when several men, one who implied he was armed with a handgun, robbed him of four straw hats he was selling and nearly $30.

Southwestern District

School burglary: An overhead projector and a fire extinguisher with a combined value of nearly $200 were stolen Tuesday from Violetville Elementary School in the 1200 block of Pine Heights Ave.

Southern District

School burglary: A desk clock, radio/compact disc player, tape deck and other property - all valued at nearly $1,000 - were stolen Monday from Carter G. Woodson Elementary School in the 2500 block of Seabury Ave.

Baltimore County

Towson Precinct


Burglary: Someone entered an apartment in the 7700 block of Greenview Terrace overnight Tuesday and stole a television, videocassette recorder and gym bag. The intruder turned on the stove and put a blanket nearby. A maintenance man responding to an odor of something burning in the apartment discovered the burglary. The smoldering blanket caused no fire damage. The stolen property was valued at $300.

North Point Precinct

Bank robbery: A gunman robbed 1st Mariner Bank in the 7800 block of Wise Ave. of an undisclosed sum of money about 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Cockeysville Precinct

Burglary: Eight large caliber handguns, two knives and a nylon bag - all valued at nearly $2,000 - were stolen Tuesday from a house in the 1300 block of Gerber Lane in Sparks.