Glenwood and city pupils share love of reading on Valentine's Day

READING IS more than just reading for Glenwood Middle School teacher Carol Nieberline. The reading teacher is on a mission to bring joy to kids who need it.

On Valentine's Day, Nieberline took Glenwood's 280 seventh-graders to Harlem Park Elementary School in Baltimore for the day. They took along red and pink construction paper and other essential supplies for projects they and the Baltimore children would do together.


"We had a great day," Nieberline said.

The seventh-graders arrived about 10 a.m. and set off for different classes around Harlem Park. Some were paired with the reading buddies they had met during a field trip to the school in October.


Although the focus was on reading, the middle school children worked on a variety of activities during the day. They read a book to the younger children about the history of St. Valentine's Day and then made a bag to hold valentines, using the supplies they had brought along.

They played Valentine Bingo and made bookmarks with hearts on them. Then they all made valentines for special people in their lives. At the end of the day, they had a Valentine party in each class.

Neiberline says the Harlem Park kids were so enthusiastic about the program that they didn't want the middle-schoolers to leave.

She got the idea for the program, now in its fourth year, from an article in The Sun. The story described a teacher at Harlem Park Elementary who ran a bookmobile to lend books to children. Neiberline said she thought it would be nice to donate books to the effort, and through a book drive at Glenwood she managed to collect 13,000 books. That was the beginning of the partnership between the two schools.

Neiberline said that the Harlem Park pupils don't have the same advantages as Glenwood children do. Some classes are not available to them. The only play area is made of asphalt, with no grass or trees, she said. Harlem Park has a media specialist, but she also is a substitute and is not always available.

"It takes a community to raise a child," Nieberline said. "We want to help wherever we can."

The Glenwood community is enthusiastic about the program. When Nieberline returned to school after last week's excursion, children and teachers approached her with ideas for the next get-together with Harlem Park. Another meeting between the schools is planned.

In May, Nieberline and Glenwood's seventh-graders will hold a reading field day at Glenwood for their Harlem Park partners. On that day, buddies can meet again to read books together. Reading awards will be given out, and a field day, organized by the seventh-graders, will be held.


Safety with guns

How do you handle an air rifle safely? Which eye do you use to sight with? These are two of the many questions that were answered at an Air Rifle Safety Workshop sponsored this month by the Howard County Junior 4-H Gun Club - the Bulls-Eyes - at the Greater Baltimore Associated Gun Club's rifle range in Marriottsville.

Certified 4-H instructors Scott Bosse and Ken Klipple taught the class. Howard County 4-H participants were Michael Apicella, Danny Bosse, Nick Boeh, Justin Hewitt, Alex Post, Angela Post, Ben Post, Gloria Post and Jamey Wilson.

The Bulls-Eyes meet at 7 p.m. the second Thursday of the month at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

All youths, ages 8 to 18, are welcome.

Information: Angela Post, 410-715-9664 or Scott Bosse, 410-795-3932.


Celestial searchers

Last month, Tim Cole of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in North Laurel spoke at the Celestial Searchers Astronomy Club meeting at Bushy Park Elementary School.

Cole discussed the Feb. 12 mission of the satellite NEAR, which made a successful landing on the asteroid Eros, and showed a model of the satellite. NEAR has sent thousands of images back to Earth since the landing.

To learn more about NEAR, check this Web site recommended by Celestial Searchers founder Joel Goodman:

Howard County students interested in astronomy may come to the next meeting, at 7 p.m. Monday at Bushy Park Elementary. A model of Earth, the sun and the moon will be available for hands-on exploration of the moon phases.

Annual dues are $10 a family.


Information: 410-531-6600.

Good deals

Support the River Hill High School Music Department and get something back for yourself.

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The music department's Florida citrus sale is continuing. Order forms are due March 14, with fruit deliveries March 24. According to parent Kay Sauers, the navel oranges and grapefruit have been outstanding this year and promise to continue to be sweet and juicy next month.


Temple oranges are also available. To place an order, contact any music student, or call Pam Griesbach at 301-596-9055.