Keep head up to look back at past Games


In the interest of getting to a venue on time for an event, making the next train and avoiding stepping on little children, it's best to maneuver Olympic Park with your head down. Two weeks with blinders on, however, means you miss some of the details the organizers provided in the sprawling expanse of facilities. From 100 yards, it's clear that each 21st-century light tower on Olympic Boulevard is dedicated to a past Games, but they warrant a closer look. The tower for 1972 stands between the Sydney SuperDome and the largest McDonald's on the planet and seems out of place amid the pomp, corruption and marketing. It's a memorial to the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches who were slain in Munich, and a translation of the Hebrew lettering is provided: "God of compassion, let them find shelter in the shadow of your wings and may their souls be bound up in the bond of everlasting life."

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