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Ex-SEAL accused in explosives case will remain in jail


A federal judge said yesterday a former Navy SEAL accused of keeping a stash of military explosives in his Kent Island home should remain jailed until authorities agree on appropriate psychiatric treatment.

Eugenio Giolitti, 39, of Stevensville was indicted Sept. 7 on four counts of possessing unregistered firearms, including three silencers, and on seven counts of improperly storing explosives. He was arrested Aug. 27 after a dispute with a neighbor led police to search his waterfront home.

Sarah S. Gannett, an assistant federal public defender, asked U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan K. Gauvey to release Giolitti, who authorities said has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, on condition that he seek appropriate treatment. Gauvey said she would not consider releasing Giolitti until the terms of treatment were arranged.

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