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In Sydney, even shopping is all dolled up


Introducing the real Olympic sport: shopping. Down at the Olympic SuperStore, they've managed to turn the Games into a fashion statement. A few hundred yards from the Olympic Stadium, in a building the size of an aircraft hangar, they've crammed every kind of souvenir and T-shirt imaginable.

You can buy silk boxers emblazoned with kangaroos, back packs, fanny packs, Syd, Millie and Olly mascots, Australian "Our Olympic Heroes" calendars, body tattoos, medallions, a poster of the opening ceremony and T-shirts by the score. You can even buy panties with the Sydney logo.

But my all-time favorite Olympic related-gift has to be "Friend of Barbie" dolls. Do I buy Teresa the Swimming Champion with her silver suit and red and blue warmup, or Becky Paralympic Champion in a racing wheelchair with a gold-medal around her neck? Decisions. Decisions.

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