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Blondes. It seems everybody's got an opinion of them. They're too dumb, too vampish, too unattainable, too fake, too wholesome, or just too, too perfect. But they're never bland, says a new book by Kathy Phillips, the health and beauty director of Vogue.

"The Vogue Book of Blondes" (Viking Studio, $24.95) explores the psychology, science and art of being blonde -- natural or otherwise -- and gives up the gossip about our flaxen faves.

For example, did you know Jean Harlow, the famous 1930s golden girl, wore a wig? Not at first, of course. But after years of keeping her tresses platinum -- and her fans drooling -- with an abrasive concoction of household bleach, hydrogen peroxide, soap flakes and ammonia, Harlow's hair was damaged beyond repair.

The book also tells the story of the hair color and its varying perceptions through stunning photography, myths, quotations and historical references. Together, they make believable Donatella Versace's words from the book's foreword: "Being blonde is not just having a hair colour, it is a way of being and a state of mind."

Fashion notes

Macy's, Thermasilk and Atlantic Records have partnered to create the Trends & Transformations tour -- a slick fashion show that combines the latest in Macy's styles with the newest in Atlantic's music. The show will stop at 10 malls across the country to showcase this fall's polished trends, which include lots of leather and accessories like belts and berets.

Trends & Transformations will be at Macy's in White Marsh Mall Sept. 30 at 3 p.m. on the lower level near the cosmetics section, 410-931-7000.

Drink in the scent

It's not enough to consume beverages like green tea, mai tai and lemonade. One should smell like them, too. For that lemonade scent, try Zents Citrus ($34), available at Web retailer For that passion fruit mai tai groove, spritz on some Sonia Rykiel ($50). And for the ever-popular green tea thing, Elizabeth Arden's new line of Green Tea bath and beauty products offers fizzing bath salts, foot lotion and cologne ranging in price from $12 to $35.

-- Maria Blackburn

First things first

Two brands known for their outerwear have developed underwear to complement their women's fashions this season:

Tommy Hilfiger offers an intimate apparel line (pictured right) that's both luxurious and functional. Sleek, flirty bras and camisoles in animal prints, paisley or solid mesh colors hug the body and match boy short undies. Hilfiger intimates sell for $8 to $30 at Hecht's.

Express, a division of The Limited Inc., presents its "first layer of fashion" designed specifically to go under Express clothing, which often includes sheer fabrics and fine knits. The underwear sells at Express stores for $10 to $30.

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