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At Harbour, a preview of 2012 bid


Baltimore is bidding to hold the 2012 Summer Olympics with Washington, and anyone wondering what a Charm City Olympiad would look like need no longer call on his imagination. There are popular Olympic events being held at Sydney's Darling Harbour waterfront, a Harborplace look-alike with the Sydney Convention Center located nearby - an arrangement just like Baltimore's.

The sun was shining yesterday as thousands of Olympic ticket-holders, families, tourists and natives heading to judo, boxing, weightlifting, fencing and volleyball milled along the waterfront, ate lunch at outdoor restaurants and traded pins.

Live Latin music set the tone. Events started and ended, various venue crowds came and went, boats docked on the harbor and people sat for hours in cafes and watched the human parade go up and down the bricked promenade. It was Baltimore, only with an Aussie accent. G'day, hon.

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