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A 14-year old boy's adventure at sea


A 14-year old boy's adventure at sea

Borders Books & Music in Bowie holds a book club for kids in fourth to sixth grade the last Tuesday of every month. This time, the group will discuss "Voyage of the Frog" by Gary Paulsen, the author of more than 175 books.

The story details the adventure of 14-year-old David Alspeth as he sets out to complete his deceased Uncle Owen's last wish: to have his ashes spread at sea. David rows far out into the Pacific Ocean in his uncle's old boat, the Frog. But the elements combine to make it doubtful that he will survive the mission, much less accomplish it.

Kids are invited to read on their own of David's battles with raging storms, hungry sharks, killer whales and possible starvation, and then stop by Borders to talk about their interpretation of David's situation. 7 p.m., 4420 Mitchellville Road, 301-352-5560.

Next month's book is "Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of Cultural Revolution" by Ji Li Jiang.

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