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What's for dinner?

Horses are grazers and eat all kinds of plants.

Home on the Range

A horse is an odd-toed ungulate, which means, that like zebra, horses stand on the middle digit (toe) of each hoof. Horses can move their ears to hear sounds from far away -- without moving their heads. When a horse is nervous, its ears stand up straight to let other animals know that danger is near.

Do you know?

Are there any horses in the wild?

Answer: The Asian wild horse is in danger of extinction -- and is the only species of wild horse alive today.

Learn more!

Adopt a pony at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read "Max and the Missing Pony" by Irene Trimble.

Wild facts

1. People first rode horses 5,000 years ago.

2. Zebra, donkeys and horses are related because they have the same type of hoof.

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